3 days with Barbara,Ian and their ménagerie at Bradbush

Ms Broodie

Welcome to Bradbush home of Barbara and Ian Neale and all the animals! Ideally, I would have liked to have a picture of a nice Findhorn salmon – on second thoughts I decided to picture „Ms Broodie“. She constantly thinks she’ll have chicks any moment now….The Neale’s have the most spectacular home and animals:


There is „Tuffty“ the male pheasant who lost his back feathers in a fight, he has about a dozen hens around him when the shooting season starts- they know better!



And there is „Tawny“ the owl who was found in the grounds one morning




And of course there is „Tulla“ she will be covering the role of the seal in the video.

I stayed for three days at Bradbush and was made welcome no end. Barbara is a NY-er and fishes like a pro- no wonder I think (being from NY I mean). As to Ian all the important fishing guys know him of course. So there I was, a „néant“, made  honorary Scot  last year, wanting to fish the Findhorn. To cut the story short, we did not catch a fish!  Ian tried as well but the elements were just against us. Again, you might think, but this is the life of a fisher. I said in my „Abouts“ I would like to make fly-fishing for salmon more popular amongst my friends and readers.. Now is the time to decide if you are up to all of this!  I mean, who on earth spends time after time on a river and have „nae fush“? I think those who do, are either just stark, staring mad or just as passionate about nature and being on a river as I am. The good thing about the fly-fishing community is though, you can meet some lovely similarly minded people and then there is the banter on the river or in the huts. To illustrate this have a look at my video. By the way Alois could not get down to the river- the road was that bad. I think someone should seriousely have a word with Lady Cawdor and her Estate Mamager!

One last comment: If you would like a relaxing week or three days fishing on the Findhorn go to Bradbush and Barbara and Ian and….. if the river conditions are right you will catch salmon on one of the most beautiful rivers of Scotland.

Finally my video starring „Bandana-Ian“, Tulla the dog, and me somtimes just being silly- as usual, and again:


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    • Eliane says:

      Merci, liebe Eli, hoff s geht auch Dir gut. Bin im Moment in der Schweiz aber nur für einen Monat. Die nächsten Abendteuer in Norwegen werden demnächst aufgeschaltet… Bisous Eliane

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