This is about my two passions: salmon fishing and my old Alvis car. The interest for salmon fishing is homemade; my grandfather was as passionate as I am now and after he died I got some of his old gear. I still cherish his split-cane Palakona fishing rod. Someone dear to me said the only reason I am fishing is to be near a river. This is also very true but I admit that whenever I hook a fish my heart starts to work like the valves of my Alvis at 60 miles an hour. With this blog I would like to achieve my aim, that more people get interested in Salmon fishing; also more women!!
(I say this with a twinkle in my eye because I know how some men feel about that…but you might be surprised.)
Another concern of mine is Salmon Conservation. I hope to show how important it is to protect this King of all fish. And of course there is the other side- food. My attitude to fishing is also to have it on a plate occasionally. I shall try to find different food ideas for you to try out or just make your mouth water.
My Alvis TA21 1954, 6 cylinder is also featured during my fishing trips. I really hope he won’t let me down too much. He’s got a name: Alois. Not very British I am afraid but easy to remember…. My passion for Alois is not homemade at all as the only one driving in my family was my mother. Father did not drive, full stop. But our neighbour had an Alvis! Since I was about 6 I sneaked around his garage and vowed that one day I would have an Alvis. And here we are – soon I’ll be on the way with my fishing gear around the country I love: Scotland. At last something to my wordings: as you may have gathered by now I am Swiss – and my English may become strange at times. I am sure my dear old Scottish friend George (who is younger than I but doesn’t look it) will make sure to avoid the worst and will scrutinise my texts.

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  1. Joe Toms says:

    A Welsh fly fisher friend of mine told me of your blog. We both live on the east coast of Australia, so our fly fishing is usually salt water based. In addition, I’m the secretary of the Alvis Car Club NSW and my sons and I are currently restoring a 1927 SD 12/50 Beetleback, so we all share several things in common. Good work, your blog looks great. Look forward to more adventures.

  2. Neil Hamilton says:

    Hi Eliane. Just came across your blog by chance. Not a great fishing fan but cars are a different story. See it outside the Kings later this year perhaps.

  3. James Kent says:

    Hi Elaine,

    just checking the model of your beautiful Alvis. I thought Alois is a TC 21/00 Grabber. Enjoying the blog. I will be fishing from a 1950 AC Buckland Tourer next season, though the Orkla maybe a river too far for her yet!



  4. Mauritia says:

    Dear Eliane,
    I came across your highly enjoyable Blog just by coincidence. What an enrichment for the Cyber Salmon Fishing world! The Shrimp Fly in the mouth of your display fish on Food Blog side is my most successfully fly and already a few Faroese salmon could not resist. It would be great to stand side by side at the shore and hook some big fish.
    All the best, Mauritia

  5. Carol Forrest says:

    Hi Eliane
    Wow that burger looks fantastic! Love your wee films and they always makes me want to be there with you…
    Brage would have liked to go swimming with your canine friend I think.
    Also very important….

    Happy Swiss Day!

    Lots of love, Carol x

  6. Tom Raftery says:

    My friend Darr told me about your website and when I spotted the Alvis I knew it was the website of someone likeable. Stephen Fry drove an Alvis TE21 in the series „Kingdom“ which unfortunately met a premature end. Enjoy the car (superfluous since you obviously already do) and the fishing.


    • Eliane says:

      Hi Tom, yes indeed I enjoy the car very much- and I am a great admirer of Stephen Fry. I did not know he was driving an Alvis though. I shall look out for „Kingdom“ series.

  7. Tara Hurn says:

    I love the name of your website and your writing its truly inspiring was nice to meet you at Trout Quest last week

    tight line


  8. barbara stauffacher says:

    lady bracknell würde, so sie noch unter uns weilte, deine geschichten cucumber sandwiches vertilgend, in vollen zügen geniessen. ich tue es, unter weglassung der gurkenvertilgungsgeschichte, jedenfalls auch! die besten glückwünsche für deinen tollen blog; chapeau!
    herzliche grüsse aus einem regnerischen zürich, barbie

  9. Liebe Eliane, Petri heil war dir hold: Der Fisch sieht mehr als „gluschtig us“ und ich kann ihn mir leibhaftig bereits tranchiert vorstellen…
    Weiterhin wünsche ich dir einen guten Fang (aber nur Fische, versteht sich..) und viel Freude in Schottland und am Blog. Wir fliegen auch bald „heim“ auf die Insel natürlich.
    Grüessli Regula

  10. Michael Smith says:

    Lovely to hear from you – the fishing looks wonderful: is Norway REALLY better than Scotland?

    We hope we may be passing Rapperswill in the summer – about end July. Will you be around?

    Michael and Claire

  11. Gertrud Wieser says:

    Liebe Eliane

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Lachs und zu Deinem Blog!!

    Ich bin schon jetzt neugierig darauf, was als nächstes kommt…

    Liebe Grüsse Gertrud

  12. Beatrice says:

    Liebi eliane gratuliere zu dim megalachs.-gseht us, dass jetz mee glück hesch.!! PS. 21.-23.september 1st charity car classic engiadina….wär doch was für diii ;-)) muntsch

  13. Lis Ruiz says:

    Nice blog. I’ll love reading about your passions.
    Great Aunan video, it clearly shows the salmom fishing concept, beautiful setting, incredible experience. Nature, fish, solitude….

  14. Gitti Hug says:

    Dear Eliane

    Last time I saw you ont the Golf Course…?

    Best, Gitti
    Hope to see you next time when you are at home again..(where is your home??)

  15. chantal says:

    Congratulations, I cant wait to follow the adventures – fisching, cars, cooking ad cigarrs – thats what makes (a womans!) life!

  16. Reto Coutalides says:

    Dear Eliane

    A nice page, congratulation! I’m happy that you had success at the Orkla.
    About more women fishing, I can just agree with you. Most of them that I met have been very good fishermen or let’s say fisherwomen.

    Kind regards and tight lines


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