Alois at the Baud’s and the way to Knockando

Alois at Baud's

It was nothing serious, just a few screws and bolts to tighten here and there. Alec also fixed my missing silencer strap for one of the exhaust pipes with a temporary ingenious invention. Here’s the missing part and I hope to get it from Red Triangle together with two windscreen wipers which had to work hard this summer….

Alois has been threatened by all these bumpy roads leading to the fishing beats. And there is another one to Knockando. But notwithstanding the hardship, this is still the most reliable and beautiful car in this world, I think. Enjoy the road to Knockando, I filmed it myself,  don’t tell the police.! Sometimes you’ll find windmills on the horizon- we have plenty of them, thanks to „Big-Eck“* –  George filmed  the tricky bit to Phones Beat which was a little difficult as you’ll hear from our conversation and by the somtimes blurred picture. Now pour a hefty dram and get yourself into a comfy chair:

* Alec Salmond for the non-Scots





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  1. mike gubb says:

    Hi Eliane,
    MY friend at rothes garage tells me that he has seen a car same model as mine,he is a keen fisher and and this mystery car has been sighted by him twice,he has met you and told me the car is infact an alvis,
    a beautiful machine,i must say.My own car is a 1958 mercedes benz 220s cabriolet in black,the rear view of my car is similar to the alvis,i have owned it for 43 years.Please send me an e mail and i will send a photograph,i live in Aberlour and fish there.regards Mike Grubb.

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