Alvis goes North…River Alness


I promised some of my friends to give news about the Alvis. The latest news is that he was given a wash by some very experienced men of the village of Cullen where our family home in Scotland is. All of this in order to be fit and beautiful for our next trip: To River Alness on the Cromarty Firth. I made a video with two themes only, the beautiful landscape of the North-East of Scotland and the driving beauty of Alois- who up to now has never let me down, although some roads were rather difficult to master to say the least…now lean back in your seat and enjoy music and the beauties of the Moray Firth.


George did the filming and I am ever so grateful to him. You remember George? He is my fishing pal and the one who looks…. yes older than me. „I only look older than you because I do not dye my hair!“ – is his answer to that.. Now all I can say to this is: „If I had perfect white hair I would not bother to put streaks into mine and accept the Lagarde chic happily – white is just, great.“ An experiment: stand in front of a mirror and say „white“- and then say „grey“. Notice something? Grey is just ughhh where as white is..aah, ok!
Got somewhat distracted here- more important matters now: Our fishing trip to the River Alness and Novar Fishings. At the Estate Office we met Roger Dowsett partner in Novar Fishings and a charming young lady fisher Tara Hurn. She is an author- to- be and we are all waiting for her book to come out – hopefully soon. Apart from that she loves fishing just like myself. Roger explained the beats to us and told us we were welcome to have a look at them before fishing the next day.

The scenery there is just spectacular, temperature near 27 C, and we met some other fishers, one of them made sure to make us aware of the fact that we drove on a private road ( we found out later it may have been the owner of Novar Estate), just as well, I just smiled and said „yes, we know“. Anyhow, we had good look at the river and- saw no fish, this was a heatwave- Scotland’s summertime for the year, and Alness is definitely a spate river (needs a lot of water for the fish to come in) and we were praying for rain. Can you imagine praying for rain in Scotland?

At 9 am next morning we started to fish Beat 4. Just see what a fisher must take with him/her to be up for the sport:







And this is just a fraction of it all!
Anyway, we fished hard and tried to tease fish with our flies which we varied of course. The only snag was, we couldn’t find any! Or did they not find our flies? Lunch time was near and George had the very good idea instead of driving up to the next beat (a stretch of the river for the non-anglers) we could walk along the river bank. See for yourself what happened…



What George did not know was that the path in reality did not exist any longer in some parts…. result I fell into the water and nearly wrecked my shoulder again. My socks and wellies never dried thoroughly but that did not stop me from fishing on. Still no fish seen though!

Back to the Hotel, Kinkell House, a nice place, ideally located for those fishing on any of the rivers in that region. The views over Cromarty Firth were just stunningly beautiful.

Next day full of hope and spirit back to the river this time sporting my waders as I discovered that after 28 years my wellies were leaking. Definitely not on. Roger visited just at lunch time and wondered why we were not on the river ( not really, because he knew there were no fish around ). So we shared some food with him, had a sherry or two and talked about – anything and everything of course only related to fishing…

Roger also had a shot at fishing, opening his box of tricks


a nice springer of Roger’s but not that day I am afraid. He also could not produce the slightest appearance of a salmon- tough luck. Being there though, and enjoy the day was utter bliss!

I shall close this page with a video showing some of the spectacular, wild-romantic scenery of the river Alness and the three of us with our unique style of spey-casting… and next time you’ll hear from me, fish is on (I hope, but not really bothered).


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  1. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that,
    this is fantastic blog. An excellent read. I’ll certainly be back.

  2. Rudolf Merz says:

    Dear Eliane
    Truly like your great blog. It embraces the reader and takes him away to the beauty of nature. And it’s interesting! – finally also for admirers of rare classic cars. But why always so shy to show the charming driver? 😉
    Take care!

  3. Eleonore Gucker says:

    Liebe Eliane
    Ich finde es wunderbar immer wieder was von dir zu hören. Du verbringst deine Zeit in einer wunderschönen Gegend. Da könnte man fast neidisch werden. Das Fischen aber überlasse ich gerne weiterhin dir.
    Bis zum nächsten mal herliche Grüsse Eli& Dölf

    • Eliane says:

      Eli und Dölf es freut mich natürlich, dass Ihr Euch für meine „Abenteuer“ interessiert. Ich hab den Riesenplausch, dies zu tun. Ich glaube Opa Emilio und Dölf hätte auch Freude daran… herzlich Eliane

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