Aunan Revisited

Fish at last!


Fish at last!

After a weeks fishing at Aunan Lodge in Norway finally a fish- but I only landed it. Fishing the whole morning, (after a heavy night, missing the others already) and  trying to reel in with both my hands a sunray-shadow fly, I gave my  rod to my ghillie Piet and said: „I am too tired now, you’ll have the last cast“.  It was just one of these things you call serendipity: Bang- he hooked this beautiful hen fish of 105 cm and 22 lbs!  He was as happy as can be as it was his first fish on the Orkla. And so was I……grinding my teeth! Nooo, not true of course.

But let me start at the beginning. The week at Aunan was just great. Unfortunately Alois had to stay at home- there is no ferry service from Scotland to Norway. I had to hire a VW Polo instead, how boring but it can’t be helped.

Same story about fishing as in Scotland- nature was about 3-4 weeks late, there was a lot of rain lately and the river was unusually high for this time of the year.  But this did not discourage us at all- we were fishing hard throughout the week.

The arrival of the four Italians brought a welcome change of atmosphere. I just love the Italians! Europe would be so dull and sad without them….just to listen to their language is fun, and suddenly you imagine sitting on a beach having one of their gorgeous ice-creams. OMG this is so clichéd but I can’t help it. Maurizio was our star, he caught fish when none of us did!

And there was of course the food- Chef Dan Gill just gave us the most lovely dishes. Just look at what was a normal burger in his eyes, and this was just a picnic…I must add that sometimes Justin had too little to eat- no wonder he is only 20.




We had a visit mid-week from  World-Champion Spey-Caster Trond Syrstad  whom you can watch on my video. The boys were very keen to get some tips, I had a shot as well, they insisted. Thanks Vegard for this.

I shall definitely come back next year. The video shows a few moments on the river and of course Piet’s hen fish….

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  1. Orazio Gatti says:

    I’m one of the 4 italians visiting for the 1st time the Aunan lodge last beginning of July : the lodge, the river and the nature are really amazing there.
    After 4 days of hard fishing without catching absolutely nothing, we went back at home with the willing to come back next year : and this not just for the place or for the river but for the fantastic atmosphere we had at the lodge.
    I had never seen before the people there but after a day it seems to be with old friends : all sharing the same passion for salmon fishing but without the exasperations that sometimes you feel in other places.
    The non fishing time spent there is a real „bonus“ that add someting special to this lodge.
    Well, the guests and the staff that you can find in a lodge are reflecting the person that runs the lodge : Vegard is a real gentleman and the perfect host that you would like to find always and everywhere.
    We’ll be back for sure because you can find atlantic salmon in may other places but you can’t find friends everywhere !
    I want to thank Eliane for the nice words about italians and I can just say that I hope to meet her and her friends again, at the Aunan or in Scotland that’s also a lovely place.
    3 weeks after the time spent at the Aunan, I had been been fishing the river Dee in Scotland and with other 3 friends and we had 66 salmon for the week : I will sign immediately a paper if someone assure me that next year it will be the same ! Good friends in Norway and salmons in Scotland !
    Orazio Gatti

  2. Hallo liebes Tsimilein, nach einem feinen Frühstück in Chamues-ch habe ich Deinen neuesten Blog-Teil erhalten und wie immer dessen Lektüre genossen. Herzlichen Dank und…wann sehen wir uns? Würde mich seehr freuen. Melde Dich doch, wenn’s für Dich passt. En schöne 1.Auguscht und bis glii.

    Big hug


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