Bye, Ciao, Adieu, A revair, Tschau!

Tap o' noth


This is the last page of my blog, I would not miss any minute of the time I spent on the rivers visited, the people met, new friends gained, the Hotels stayed in, the fish lost, the tree caught; I feel I was blessed. A special thank-you to my “old” friend George who made sure that I did not make a complete fool of myself in writing all the stuff, to Mario, the IT-geek. And of course to my family who had to put up with me always being away- mother would have loved to be part of it I am sure- she is 93…. Don’t know if I continue with this, maybe I shall go and sing with the nuns- who knows? Watch this space!

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  1. Carol says:

    Dearest Eliane, Thanks for all your blogs, pics and music. I have enjoyed them all so much and will miss your escapades with the rod, the Alvis and all the wonderful people you have met along the way. It has been great so if you have more adventures I would love to hear about them! Carol (& Douglas) xxx Lots of love to Alice too.

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