Gaula Summer 2015


Another time in July 2015 I visited Winsnes in Norway fishing the mighty river Gaula. We were a group of 8 anglers accompanied by the famous Ian Gordon and Tom Brown from Scotland. It was a great week- we all had fish, some of us even ones over 30 lbs, as you will see below in my video.

Anne Marit, Matt and their family made us welcome and spoiled us with their food and hospitality.

In the video I am showing the powerful Gaulfossen which in fact is not a typical waterfall- it is a long and narrow gorge about 800 meters in lenght. The difference in width of the Gaula above the gorge and in the upper part of the gorge is significant, therefore the speed of the water increases enormously downwards. Salmon coming up from Trondheim Fjord have to negociate with water pressures up to 175 m3/second. After passing the Gaulfossen no wonder the salmon need a break!

This time I was lucky to land my most beautiful fresh salmon ever. We had no scales handy to weigh it but I always carry a tape measure with me-I don’t mean to brag-  it measured 117.5 cm! After a „battle“ of 45 minutes I succeeded in landing this beautiful fish – without Tom’s help I don’t know if I would have managed…. As we were concentrating so much on not losing this salmon Tom only filmed when it was safely in the net, ha.

Beat of fish caught



These are the pools where it all happened!





Ian Gordon




                              And this is the „boss“ Ian… or is it?       







My second fish- a beauty, safely released

Tom Brown with his Cheshire Cat Smile!







It was again a memorable fishing trip to Norway. Winsnes, I shall definitely be back!



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