Harry Jamieson, Rod Maker

Harry Jamieson Rod Maker

This  is Harry Jamieson the last independant rod maker in Scotland. I am for ever thankful to C. who introduced me to him. He lives in the Highlands in a little village called Nethybridge. He is one of the most knowledgeable person I have met when it comes to fishing in general. Talking to him is like opening an encyclopaedia or nowadays of course it is „google“.

Married to Christine, a Swiss lady who is an enthusiastic and very talented gardener, we immediately liked each other. So if we don’t find the words in English we can go on and speak French and sometimes even have „un verre de blanc“ together….

Driving to his house was a bit of an ordeal- pouring with rain- sometimes in buckets as you can see! But Alois‘ motor was purring like a contented cat…

Lots of other more important people have driven here:







↔yes, HRH is a friend and customer as well!




As I enter the workshop I can smell various things: wood, leather, cork, fabric and a certain type of glue which is epoxy as Harry explains to me later.

Hear for yourself what Harry has to tell about his profession and other things:



This rod is an original Grant Vibration rod made by the famous Alexander Grant of Carrbridge in the Spey Valley.  He was one of the most expert Speycasters of his time and is still legendary within the angling community. At the same time he was a brilliant fiddler and he also built his own fiddles.. if you want to know more about him go to the link below.



To the left is the Grant Vibration made of Greenheart wood ca.1910

To the right a modern Carbon Rod with the same rings

Harry was kind enough to let me film some of his „tricks of the trade“. Here they are:


You may have guessed by now, I am the proud owner of a tailor-made Clan Rod by Harry. It is 15ft long and made of carbon fibre. The more I fish with it the better I like it.

Next week I shall be going to the Tweed Valley, getting some tuition to cast without hurting my weak left shoulder. So my next page will give you all the news of Tweed and a nice Hotel I shall be staying at…





5 Responses

  1. Paul Curtis says:

    My Grandad had once owned as a partnership the Trossachs Rod Building Company. He lived in Callander and the Rods were made in Alloa. Some really nice childhood memories were had. It would be nice if someone could please tell me if Clan Rods as so called now was the same company as my Grandad had partnership in.
    Best regards
    Paul Curtis

    • Eliane says:

      Hello Paul, I just spoke to Harry Jamieson and it is the same company your grandad had partnership in. If you want to know more about him you could contact him at hkjamieson@yahoo.com hope this is of help to you and glad you enjoyed my blog, best regards Eliane

  2. Carol says:

    I love your blogs Eliane. So interesting and the photographs and video snippets are very good. Lovely to see the Alvis in action!

  3. Dougie Ross says:

    Harry makes really great rods.
    Where are you fishing at the tweed? Hopefully there will be more fish than the Spey this year.

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