Leslie Pritchard, fly-dresser

Leslie Pritchard with trophy

This is Leslie Pritchard in his prime,  being presented with a trophy from Mrs. Sharpe from Sharpes of Aberdeen for the most fish caught. You’ll also notice Mr. Sharpe to the very right looking smug and pleased. Leslie is a true Aberdonian. He has fished since boyhood with all kinds of baits and of course flies. His career has included being in the Merchant Navy and bus-driving. His real passion became  fly-dressing, though. It went so far, that when it was time for dinner his wife had to switch off the electricity supply to get him away from his den. He moved from Aberdeen to Findochty (you pronounce it Finechty – don’t ask me why), along the coast of the Moray Firth and I think he is very happy there. Leslie is one of those men you could listen to endlessly, he’s got so many stories to tell.

The fly he has tied for me is his version of the Stoat’s Tail.



And here’s Leslie now sitting on his comfy sofa surrounded by his memorabilia.






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  1. Allister Thomas says:

    Hello Eliane,

    Thank you for agreeing for us to use those pictures.

    I was wondering if you have any other images of Leslie at all?

    The papers are particularly interested in any images of the fishing flies that he made for the Queen Mother or any other prominent persons so if you have anything like that, please let me know.

    My number again – 07971 991362



    • Eliane says:

      Hi Allister, I contacted the firm which is dealing with Lesley’s estate. They gave my number to his brother. He will hopefully contact me asap. I shall let you know the outcome. Meanwhile I found some other photographs of his shed and of himself and I believe the fly he tied for the Queen Mother in a wooden box. Shall I try and send them to you? To what e-mail address? Eliane

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