River Dee

River Dee Park South

Another trip for „Alois“ and me to the lovely Deeside Valley. Fortunately I could drive with the roof open, it was easier to film….. a little sample including some moments leaving Cullen…as you can see at the end the weather was quite different – raindrops on the windows and this was just the beginning. At the end you’ll see the ultimate fishing hut, I have never seen anything like it.

I went to the river Dee as my second last fishing destination for this year. First My first destination was Park South where I was meeting Charlie the Ghillie and some other fishermen. The day was lovely and crisp, conditions were absolutely spot-on. There was just one snag; on the opposite bank a group of anglers were scooping the fish out one after the other. As I leared later one of them was Ken Reid. Never mind, it was a great day and sometimes you enjoy it just as much when someone else is catching fish.



My second destination was Dess on the same river. This beat  changed hands last year as I was informed by Eoin Smith the Ghillie. At the same time he passed on to me an invitation for lunch with the present owners. That was very nice indeed as I didn’t think of bringing anything to eat. Just see the lovely hut…a real beauty, could even be somewhere in the alps, don’t you think?



But first things first: Fishing! Before long I was into a lively fish which I beached and duly released after quickly taking this photograph: 

Ken Reid visited me shortly afterwards. I did not recognise the gentleman walking slowly towards me as I have never met Ken before. Ken is Dee Fisheries Development Officer and talked to me about „their“ way of managing the river. What struck me instantly was the way all people involved work together. It is a joint effort to maintain, improve and sustain the river. The involved bodies: Beat-Owners, Dee District Salmon Fishery Board, River Dee Trust and Anglers are all into this. I recommend highly the River Dee web-site, see link below. The result is encouraging: Salmon population,  fish caught per annum are rising consistantly and are higher this year than many previous years. Thanks, Ken, for visiting me; I think that you are one of the main driving force behind all this.

Lunch was sumptuous not the usual pies and sausage rolls or sandwiches- first, drinks like G &T or I was offered a very nice white Burgundy! Then roast beef and salads, thank you so much Jenny and Jeremy. I also met their guests Caroline and James. At last lady- fishers! We all got on very well and continued to fish the afternoon contentedly.


And this was how the Dee looked after a night’s heavy rain. At 12 that day Eoin came rushing towards me and told me to get out of the river immediately. And he was so right: When I turned around I couldn’t see the big boulder previously visible behind me.

The facts were clear: No more fishing for the day. Again I was invited to lunch. Instead of fishing we played „Oh bugger!“ and I tried to introduce the Swiss cards game „Jass“, but that was not half as funny as the bugger one….


Next day was drive-home day, unfortunately with the roof up because it was still raining buckets. I shall try and go back next year and fish the last few days on the Dee.

Next time you hear from me, Alois and I will be travelling South in November where I shall try and tease a Salmon or two with my flies.


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